Creating and managing SMS sender IDs

When sending an SMS, you can specify whether you want to send the message with or without a sender ID*. If you have not yet created a sender ID, you can define one in the settings mode. If you send an SMS with sender identification (e.g. your own mobile phone number), the recipient of the message will see your mobile phone number as the sender. He can therefore send a reply directly to your mobile phone. If, on the other hand, the recipient replies to an SMS without sender identification, the reply will appear in the Inbox of your account as an incoming SMS.

Create sender ID

If you have topped up your payment quota, you can create a sender ID in settings mode under "messages/sms/sender ID". Simply click on "Create". Enter the desired mobile phone number in the input field and then click on "Save". A confirmation code will immediately be sent to the specified mobile phone number by SMS. Enter this code in the relevant input field and click on "Save" again. If you would like to set the mobile phone number as the default, tick the relevant checkbox before saving. You have the option of creating up to three different sender IDs at the same time.

*This functionality is only available with a payment quota.

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