Creating and managing POP3 collection services

If you have e-mail addresses with other providers and would like to manage the incoming messages conveniently via your mailbox, you only need to create a POP3 group service for each of them. You can create up to 10 POP3 collective services at the same time.



We recommend setting up an e-mail forwarding service from your old mailbox to instead of creating a POP3 service. The advantage of this is that messages are always delivered immediately to your mailbox without any delay and are not collected at a certain time interval. In addition, you can apply server rules to forwarded messages, which does not work with collected messages (POP3).

Create a collection service

You can create a POP3 collection service in the settings mode under "messages/e-mail/POP3 collection service". To do this, enter the relevant e-mail address under "New Collective Service". We will suggest a suitable provider based on the e-mail address. If the suggestion does not match your provider, you can select the appropriate provider yourself from the list. If your provider is not on the list, select "Other provider". In this case, please have the name of your provider's POP3 server ready (usually Enter the name under "Server name (POP3)". Then enter the login password that you use with your provider. Furthermore, you can define whether you want to keep the collected messages in your provider's mailbox, at what interval the system should check for new messages and in which folder the collected messages should be delivered. If you check the box "Retrieve e-mails now", the collection service will be started immediately after successful creation. Please note that only e-mails from your provider's inbox can be collected. E-mails from other folders cannot be taken into account.



The use of umlauts in passwords from external providers (Ä,ä,Ü,ü,Ö,ö) can sometimes lead to problems when retrieving these e-mails in POP3. Before configuring a POP3 collection service, it is advisable to change the respective password at the external provider in such a way that umlauts are omitted.

Editing a Collective Service

You can of course edit a created collection service by simply clicking on its name in the list. After you have made the desired changes under "Edit Collection Service", click on "Save". If you want to deactivate or delete a collection service, simply click on the relevant button or checkbox under "POP3 Collection Services" and confirm this by clicking on "Apply".

Further Information

In the list under "POP3 Collection Services" you can always see the date and time of the last collection. In addition, the status shows you whether the collection service is running without errors (displayed in green) or whether faults have occurred (displayed in red). If a collection service has a red status for a longer period of time, the system will inform you about the cause by e-mail.

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