Files - Your online storage

The online storage is divided into three core areas: Navigation Area, Listing Area and View Area.

Navigation area

The left area is used to manage your files, similar to the folder management in the message tab. Here you will find the file inbox and the recycle bin. Under "my folders" you can create your own folders. In addition, in the lower navigation area you will find the filters, which make it possible to have all your files of a certain type listed at a glance.

Listing area

In the middle area, those files are always listed which are located in a selected folder. By default, when you open the online storage, the incoming files are always displayed.

View area/selection area

The largest area is the view or selection area of the online storage. As soon as you select a file with a click, all information about this file is displayed. If the file type is supported, a preview of the file is loaded. From here, the file can be used for further purposes. If you select some or all of the files in the list using the checkboxes in the list area, the files are also displayed in a business card overview in the selection area for further use.

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