Creating an out-of-office note

If you are unable to check your e-mails for a longer period of time, you can define an out-of-office message for this period. This out-of-office message is automatically sent by the system as a reply to the sender of an incoming e-mail.

Creating an out-of-office message

An out-of-office message always requires a start date and a message text. In the settings mode under "messages/e-mail/absence note", simply set the status to "active", define the time period and message text and click on "Save". You also have the choice of whether or not to specify an end date for an out-of-office message. If you specify an end date, the out-of-office message is set to "inactive" when the date expires. This means that an automatic reply will no longer be sent. If you would like to deactivate an out-of-office message before the expiry of a defined end date, simply set the status to "inactive" and click on "Save".

Please note that each sender receives only one out-of-office message within 4 days. So if someone sends you 10 e-mails per day, he or she will only receive an out-of-office message on the first e-mail, and then once again on the 4th day and on the 8th day, and so on.

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