Login History

The login history can be useful to you in controlling access to your email inbox and transparently shows you potential third-party access that did not occur through your end devices.

Enclosed you will find step-by-step instructions on how to access the login history of your e-mail box:

1. Log in to https://mail.fr with your access data.

2. Then go into settings mode (the cogwheel at the top right).

3. The menu bar turns orange, then go to the "Account" tab.

4. On the left side you now have various menu items, select "Login History".

5. Here you can view the last accesses to the different protocols, e.g. IMAP, POP3 or SMTP.

If you are suspicious of external access, you should consider changing your password. However, you should first be able to rule out whether these external accesses come from external programmes that you may be using on your end devices or whether it is a VPN network. Furthermore, you should check your end devices for malware before changing the password.

If any problems persist after you have successfully changed your password, please contact our support team immediately.

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