Creating and managing rules

Rules are an excellent way to get order into your message inbox. If, for example, you do not want all incoming messages to be delivered to the inbox of your mailbox, but rather certain messages to a different folder, you can achieve this with the help of rules. Such rules can be defined in the settings mode under "messages/e-mail/rules".

Creating a rule

A rule always consists of a name, at least one condition and at least one action that is to be carried out if the condition is fulfilled. Once all three entries have been made under "Create Rule", click on "Create".

The newly created rule is listed as active under "Rules". As soon as an email arrives to which the rule applies, it is applied to the email.

When creating a rule, always note that if you specify several actions when a condition is met, the order is decisive for correct application. If a message is to be marked (read, important) and another action, such as "move to a directory" is to take place, the marking must take place in the order of the actions before the "move". The message cannot be moved first and then marked!

Even if you define several different rules, the order is decisive here. If you define a rule (1), whereby the message is marked as important when the condition is fulfilled, and a second rule (2) behind it, whereby the same message is to be moved when it is fulfilled, then both rules take effect. The message is first marked as important (rule 1) and then moved (rule 2). If the order of both rules were the other way round, first move, then mark, the message would be moved, but not marked as important!

Edit rule

You can of course set a rule to inactive or delete it by clicking on the relevant button or checkbox and confirming the action by clicking on "Apply". If you want to edit a rule, click on the name of the rule. The rule is immediately displayed for editing. Confirm changes by clicking on "Save". If you have created more than one rule, it may be important in which order the rules are processed. You can easily change the order by clicking on the arrows in front of the rules, followed by a click on "Apply".

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