The Authenticator

You have the option of integrating an Authenticator as an additional security option for your login. Once you have set up the authenticator, you will be asked to enter your login data and a third parameter, the authenticator code. You will receive this code from the relevant app, the Authenticator app, which you have previously installed on your smartphone.

Integrating the Authenticator

  1. Navigate to "Settings > Account > Customer data > Authenticator" in the settings mode.
  2. First generate your personal Authenticator Secret Code (16 digits) by clicking on "Generate now".
  3. Now download an Authenticator from the Apple App Store (iPhone/iPad) or from Google Play (Android). Here some examples:
  4. Start the Authenticator and add a new account by scanning the QR code in our webmailer, or type in the secret code.
  5. A new 6-digit Authenticator code will now be displayed in the Authenticator app every 30 seconds.
  6. Enter a valid Authenticator Code in the relevant input field of the webmail form and click on "Activate".
  7. After successful activation, the Authenticator is integrated into your account.
  8. The next time you log in, you will be asked for a valid Authenticator security code, which you can generate via your Authenticator App.

If you would like to operate the Authenticator App on different end devices, this is possible. All you have to do is use the same Authenticator Secret Code, which you can find in the settings mode of the webmailer under "account/customer data/authenticator".

When operating the Authenticator app, please ensure that the correct time is set on your end device, as the generation of an Authenticator code also uses this parameter, among others.

We recommend that you write down the 16-digit Authenticator Secret Code and keep it in a safe place, as this code will be lost if you delete the Authenticator app or the account within the app. This means that you can no longer create an account without the Authenticator Secret Code and will lock yourself out of your account. Should this happen, we can only reactivate your account if you send us your identity card.

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