Creating and using your own group

If you want to create your own group, simply click on the "+" button next to "My groups" in the left-hand navigation area, enter a name for the group and confirm by clicking on the "tick". After the group has been created, you can assign your contacts. To do this, simply select one or more contacts, click on the "Assign" button and click on the desired custom group. A contact or a distribution list can of course be assigned to several groups. Groups cannot be assigned to other groups. Each own group is listed in the auto-completion. If, for example, you select your own group from the auto-completion for the "To: field" when composing an e-mail, all contacts assigned to the group will be inserted in the "To: field". The specified default e-mail address is always used. If no e-mail address is stored for a contact, it is displayed as red.

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