Importing and exporting contacts

In your address book you have the option of exporting existing contacts and importing contacts from other applications. You can find both functions by dragging the mouse over the "actions" button. In this way, your address book becomes the central administration point for your contacts and is available to you anywhere at any time.

Importing contacts

If you want to import your contacts from other applications, you have to export and save them either as a CSV file (e.g. MS-Outlook) or as a vCard (e.g. Apple address book) from the respective application. If a file with your contacts is now available, simply click on "actions/import" in the address book. Now click on the "upload" button and select the desired file. First, you will see a list of all the contacts contained in the file. now you can check again whether you want to import all the contacts listed, or perhaps not some. If you are sure which contacts should be imported, simply click on "import". After all contacts have been imported, they are listed under "all contacts". In addition, for a better overview, a group "imported contacts" is automatically created during the import, to which the contacts just imported are assigned. If necessary, you can of course rename or even delete this group. If you delete the group, however, the contacts remain in your address book under "all contacts".

Importing Gmail, GMX, Outlook, Freenet contacts

If you have an e-mail account with Google, GMX, or Freenet and would like to import your contacts from there, simply click on "actions/import" and then on the button of the provider concerned. Now enter your Gmail address or your login name and the corresponding password in the input form and click on "connect". The contacts will be listed first. After selecting the contacts to be imported, click on "import". The imported contacts are combined in a newly created group.

Exporting contacts

If you want to export contacts from your address book, simply select the desired contacts and click on "actions/export". Your selection will immediately be listed again for overview. Here you can deselect any contacts you do not wish to export. For the final export, click on either the CSV or vCard button. Your contacts will be exported in the desired format. If you want to export distribution lists, only the CSV export is available.

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